Successful Filling of GERD Proves Ethiopia’s Position Not to Cause Harm on Egypt and Sudan

The successful completion of the fourth and final filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a confirmation of Ethiopia’s position not to cause harm to Egypt and Sudan, said the Advisor to the Minister of Water and Energy.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced today the successful filling of the fourth and final round of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Speaking to ENA, Member of Parliament (MP) and Advisor to the Minister of Water and Energy, Mohammed Al-Arousi stressed that this giant hydropower dam is a development project that benefits everyone.

“Ethiopia has once again declared beyond any doubt that the country is only seeking development, after many speculated about the danger of filling in its various stages,” the advisor underscored.

The fourth filling of the dam is a critical stage in which Ethiopia confirmed the fact that the country is moving in the right direction, according to Mohammed.

More importantly, the Grand Renaissance Dam has proved Ethiopia’s firm position that the country doesn’t pursue any development at the expense of the brothers in Egypt and Sudan.

Ethiopia always aspires to achieve mutual development by strengthening relations with all countries in the region.

Mohammed stated that the country has overcome all difficulties and declared the fourth filling of the Renaissance Dam to the world today.

Ethiopia has also delivered its promise by taking into account all the concerns of the brothers in Egypt and Sudan

As a result, “Egypt and Sudan should also share the joy with Ethiopia over the success of the fourth filling the GERD since it has not brought any significant harms so far,” the advisor revealed.

He also added that the fourth filling process confirms Ethiopia’s developmental determination and that the Renaissance Dam project is a development project not only for Ethiopia but for all neighboring countries that would promote benefits for everyone.

As the GERD is a development gift to all countries, Mohammed urged to stop politicizing the dam.

The advisor explained that “Countries should be optimistic about the Renaissance Dam because it enhances development, investment and creates job opportunities in Ethiopia and beyond.”

Despite all the internal and external challenges to the Renaissance Dam project, the advisor said that Ethiopia was exercising active diplomacy until the country was able to successfully announce the fourth filling of GERD without causing harm to Egypt and Sudan.

The advisor finally urged the Ethiopian public to harness unity to see another success in various development spheres, pointing out that with our unity we can work miracles in the development of our country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency