Nso Paramount ruler fetes 30 years in power

The 3 Pillar Institutions that make up the Nso Kingdom ~ Nwerong, Ngiri, and Manjong celebrated the 30th Anniversary of His Royal Majesty Sehm Mbinglo I on the Throne, Sunday September 10, 2023, at the Nso Palace.

The occasion started with a Holy Mass Intention in the Kumbo Cathedral offered to wish the Fon good health and wisdom to rule over his subjects. It was followed by the display of Masquerades from Nwerong, Ngiri, and the Manjong dance groups.

The high point of the event was a public pronouncement from Nwerong Nso (the judicial regulatory body of the Kingdom). They called on all sons and daughters of Nso to pay allegiance to the Throne and the Fon while wishing Him more years on the Throne.

The Nwerong also stressed the importance of building bridges and not walls by asking all Nso indigenes to frown from hate, backbiting, jealousy, and hypocrisy. Nwerong also reminded the population that the Nso Tribe is known all over the world for the number of intellectuals and scholars they got and that it was high time children went to school without any conditions.

Source: Cameroon News Agency