‘I will ensure that all young persons in Anyaa-Sowutoum are well educated’ – Emmanuel Tobbin

Mr Emmanuel Tobbin, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary Candidate (PC) for Anyaa-Sowutoum says he will ensure that all children in his constituency receive education when voted as a Member of Parliament (MP).

Mr Tobbin, during an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said he believed that education was a means of bridging the gap between the rich and the poor hence his pledge.

He said he had already started the process and hoped to continue when given the political mandate.

‘For the youth, I am looking at education. It is the only thing that brings equality to the poor and the rich so I would do all that I can to make sure that all children in Anyaa-Sowutoum are well educated. Of course we have started already. This year, I paid for the mock examination for public school children in the whole constituency,’ he said.

When asked about what inspired the former Church of Pentecost elder to contest for the Anyaa-Sowutoum seat after the January NPP parliamentary primaries, he said his love for God
inspired by his faith as a Christian and his desire to become ‘an agent of development’ to help his community fueled his quest.

‘When you are a person of God and you love God, you help people just like God does. When you choose to serve the people, it is like doing the work of God.

Personally, I believe it should be the Christian and Muslim communities who have to take the mantle of leadership and make it a better place to live,’ he told the GNA.

The businessman turned politician, said he was a ‘selfless person’ eager to help the constituency attain higher heights in development.

He added that, he would support women, particularly mothers with loans and training to improve their businesses.

Profile of Emmanuel Tobbin

Emmanuel Tobbin is an entrepreneur, with over 200 staff on the payroll of his Ascot Pharmaceutical company.

Before that, he was an elder of the Awoshie branch of the Church of Pentecost.

He has served as a member of the Council of Elders of the NPP in the constituency and is currently the
chairperson of the Council of Patrons.

Born to Mr Charles Kwaku Tobbin and the late Margarette Grace Badu Tobbin on 29th October,1974, He is the ninth amongst eleven children.

Mr Emmanuel Tobbin hails from Awudua, near Tarkwa in the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality of the Western Region.

Mr Emmanuel Tobbin is married to Leticia Tobbin and together, they have two children.

If voted to become an MP on December 7, 2024, he would represent over 330,000 people in the constituency located within the Ga-Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Alan Kyerematen launches Great Transformational Plan; promises to stop sole-sourcing

Mr Alan Kyerematen, Leader of the Movement for Change, has reiterated plans to run ‘a lean administration’ with not more than 40 ministers if elected President in the December polls.

Highlighting a number of economic and governance initiatives, Mr Kyerematen noted that sole-sourcing had ‘bloated government expenditure over the years’, and promised to stop the practice in public procurement ‘to ensure value for money’.

Mr Kyerematen stated this and other key policies during the official launch of the Party’s Great Transformational Plan (GTP) in Accra on Monday.

The launch brought together supporters and sympathisers of the Party from across the country.

He said his administration would amend Article 66 (1) of the Constitution to extend the term of office of the President from four years to five years, with a maximum two-year term in office.

The Flagbearer said he would ‘consolidate’ all existing government departments, agencies, and other public sector organisations that had ‘overlapping mandates into a s
ingle administrative unit’, and cited the Ministry of Energy as one of such institutions.

‘We will reduce government spending and financing of infrastructural project by at least 60 percent and rather introduce innovate private sector financing using models such as Build Operate and Transfer.

‘…We will undertake a comprehensive review of government spending to reduce the national public expenditure to GDP to a target not less than 10 percent,’ he stated.

Part of the economic policies under the GTP, according to Mr Kyerematen, include ‘a reform of the country’s tax structure’ to focus more on direct taxes than indirect taxes.

He said his administration would abolish levies, including the COVID-19 Levy and import levy on spare parts.

‘We will abolish all taxes on importation of spare parts within two years, and other administrative levies that have been imposed at the port to reduce the tax burden on importers; these will make the country have the lowest tax regimes in the ECOWAS sub-region in three years,
‘ he stated.

Mr Kyerematen also expressed concern over the use of foreign currency in domestic transactions, and said his administration would implement policies to stop the practice.

‘Everybody wants to use Dollar, but that is not your currency…if you are taking Dollars, how do you expect to stabilise your currency? He asked.

He said the GTP had an ‘aggressive plan for industrial transformation’, which included ‘a review implementation of the One District One Factory programme’.

Part of the vision to diversify the economy, he noted, was to ‘accelerate the growth of 10 new strategic industries’, such as vehicle assembly and component manufacturing, garment and textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

‘We will abolish existing practice of cocoa external loan syndication and, in place, issue domestic bonds and securities to mobilise cedis to buy cocoa from farmers so that when we sell our cocoa, the full benefit can come into the economy,’ he stated among other key propositions.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Speaker Bagbin, Madina MP to receive 2024 Jacobs-Abbey Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr Alban Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament and Mr Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, are to receive the 2024 Jacobs-Abbey Lifetime Achievement Award in Alexandria, Virginia, United States (US).

The event is scheduled to take place on November 9, 2024, at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Virginia, US, where the Speaker and Mr Sosu would both pick these prestigious awards.

A statement issued by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, copied to the Ghana News Agency said the Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies (Jagils) had named Mr Bagbin as an honoree at its 6th Annual Banquet and Awards Gala at Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Virginia, US.

According to the Institute the Speaker’s ‘distinguished career as a Ghanaian politician, serving as the Minister for Health, a seven-term Member of Parliament for the Nadowli West constituency, and your current role as the Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana exemplify the leadership and dedicat
ion that Jagils holds in high esteem’ makes him a perfect candidate for the said prestigious award.

The award is presented to leaders who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to civil and human rights, recognizing their dedication to advancing justice, peace, and freedom for workers and community members through their daily work.

Previous recipients of this esteemed award include Dr Jewel Howard-Taylor, Vice President of Liberia, Isabelle Vladoiu, Founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, The Hon. Cashenna A Cross, Mayor of the City of Glenarden, Dr Nina L Meyerhof, President of Children of the Earth Inc., and Timothy Bowles, International Director of Youth for Human Rights International.

The statement said the NDC MP for Madina, Mr Sosu had also been approved to be awarded a lifetime achievement recognition by a conferment of the Presidential Service Award in the US.

It said this follows his voluntary service in Ghana and across several States in the US.

It noted that Mr Sosu had
been known to be a lawyer, author, and human rights activist.

It said his nomination was made by the Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute Leadership in Virginia and was approved by the Whitehouse in June 2024.

According to Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute of Leadership, ‘Hon Sosu rose from being a destitute street child into becoming a lawyer and human rights activist and eventually a legislator in Ghana championing major legislative changes including abolishing the death penalty and criminalizing witchcraft accusations’

The statement said Parliament was proud of both Speaker Bagbin and Mr Sosu.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Don’t exploit the vulnerability of the youth – Rev Amegboe advises Politicians

Politicians have been advised to stop taking advantage of the vulnerability of the youth for their selfish and parochial interests.

He explained that ‘the helpless state of the youth places them at the mercy of politicians who exploit their vulnerability for their personal political gains.’

Rev. Samuel Amegboe, Awudome Head Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Awudome Tsito in the Ho West district.

He stated that over the years politicians had only paid lip-service to addressing youth unemployment and its resultant issues.

Rev. Amegboe called on them to help the youth to add value to themselves to enable them to become self-dependent and responsible citizens.

He also cautioned them against taking the Ghanaian electorate for granted.

Rev. Amegboe noted that the country had gone through three failed democratic eras which were 1957 – 1966, 1969 – 1972, and 1979 – 1981.

‘Our politicians need to think through the underlying factors that contrib
uted to those failures in order to avoid repeating them,’ he stated.

Rev. Amegboe noted with concern that it seemed politicians had forgotten ‘those dark days in our history and are committing the same things that led to those dark days.’

He alleged that corruption which was known as ‘kalabule’ in the 1970s and 1980s was now rampant and flourishing with impunity.

The Reverend Minister said corruption was the major reason that the military interfered with the country’s democracy adding that politicians should be mindful of their conducts.

He advised the youth to shun those ‘manipulative self-seekers’ and build a future for themselves.

He warned them not to engage in activities that would breach the ‘peace we are all enjoying in the country.’

Rev. Amegboe appealed to Christians not to turn away from their Civic and democratic responsibilities but with prayer and watchful eyes should vote while bearing in mind the values of the kingdom of God.

He entreated Christians who were involved in the running of th
e Electoral processes that they were also accountable to God and not the electorate alone.

‘Be guided by a clear conscience that is tilted towards God than any man,’ he advised.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Election 2024: We will support the one who helps us – Babile electorate

The chiefs and people of Babile, a community in the Lawra Municipality, say they will throw their weight behind any political party or individual who shows commitment to helping solve the myriads of challenges facing the community.

They claimed that the two main political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), had deceived them for far too long and the people of the community were not ready to fall prey to their deceit anymore.

The people, who said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the community, indicated that the development of the community had been stagnated by the indifferent attitude of the Lawra Municipal Assembly and the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area towards the community.

‘If anyone knows he will want help from us (the people of Babile) then he or she should help us now. If you don’t love us, then we don’t love you,’ Mr Zola Dabuo, the Assembly Member of the Babile Electoral Area, said.

He said the community was fraught w
ith challenges in education, health, market, and road, which needed urgent attention.

A visit to the Babile D/A Basic School by the GNA revealed that some school children were lying prostrate in the classrooms to receive academic instructions due to the inadequate furniture in the classroom.

The Assembly Member said the situation did not only affect effective teaching and learning in the school, but also discouraged children from attending school with the worst affected children being the lower primary pupils.

Mr. Dabuo indicated that some parents also provided furniture for their children in the upper primary and Junior High Schools (JHS) to help facilitate academic activities in the school.

Mr Vitus Dapilah Kadoe, the Regent of Babile, told the GNA that both the MP, Mr Bede Ziedeng and the Lawra Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Jacob Dery, were aware of the challenges in the community, especially the school but had ‘turned their blindsight to them.’

He said the Babile D/A JHS did not also have a tea
chers’ office, and teachers at the school had to sit under trees to mark assignments and perform other off-class duties while in school.

‘The MP, who was then the NDC parliamentary candidate came and had a meeting with the teachers under the trees here and promised us that when he wins the election, he will build an office for us.

‘I have told his people to inform him that we are still waiting for the office. I don’t know whether they have told him or not, but I want to use this medium to remind him that we are still waiting for the office, which he promised us,’ Mr. Kadoe, who is also a teacher at the school, said.

Madam Theresa Lan-ire, a resident, lamented that the furniture situation was taking a toll on parents and guardians in Babile since they had to buy soap regularly to wash the children’s clothes.

The GNA also observed that the school structures were dilapidated with the windows and doors of the classrooms broken and the floor full of potholes.

However, Mr Sagacious Arah, the School Management
Committee (SMC) Chairman, said the parents had taken steps to fix metal doors as part of efforts to reduce access to the classrooms by unscrupulous persons who contributed to destroying the furniture.

The people, thus, appealed to the MP, Mr Ziedeng and the MCE, Mr Dery, who are also the NDC and NPP 2024 parliamentary candidates for Lawra Constituency respectively, to intervene to ameliorate the challenges the community was facing, especially in the education sector.

Source: Ghana News Agency