A rainstorm on Thursday, May 16, caused serious damage to buildings and other facilities of the Hohoe E.P Senior High School (HEPSS) in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta region.

The school’s garage, boys’ and girls’ dormitory, classroom blocks, school’s clinic, maintenance shed, siren and polytanks were among the damaged properties.

Madam Olivia Afua Agbezuge, Assistant Headmistress, Administration, briefing the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after a tour of some damaged properties, said trees also fell as a result of the rainstorm but they were lucky no casualty was recorded.

She said the situation had plunged the institution into lights out since the incident until the time of the visit, adding that there were no preps for students in the evening.

‘Some classrooms are still dark and some students with eye problems find it difficult to learn under the present condition. Even teachers are affected because some of them have to use light during the day in their lessons.’

Madam Agbezuge said the siren, being the
source of information to students, had also been down which inhibited movement of students on their schedules.

She called for individuals and organisations for the school since they were now in danger.

The GNA has also learnt that water supply to the school, which is hinged on electricity power, could be affected.

Mr Foster Agbotse, Board Chairman of the School, after assessing the extent of damage, told GNA that the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) had been on the campus and it was the hope that power would be restored as soon as possible.

He said the security of the school was key and the breakdown of the siren was affecting the control of students although the school cadet came in handy.

Mr Agortse noted that if power was not restored, access to water would be a difficult situation to handle.

He noted that there was no plant to power the school and appealed to the Ministry of Education, old students, the church and philanthropists to help the school.

Mr Agotse said the dilapidated nature of the cl
assrooms affected needed urgent attention from government.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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