Success of GERD Filling Manifests No Challenge Will Stop Ethiopians to Achieve Common Goal: Ambassador Sileshi

The successful completion of the 4th round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) shows that no challenge will stop Ethiopians when they stand together for one common goal, GERD negotiating team leader and Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United States, Sileshi Bekele said.

Recall that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced earlier today the successful filling of the fourth and final round of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The primer congratulated all who have participated in the overall activities of the project by contributing money, time, labor and prayers.

He also urged all Ethiopians to replicate such unity in other national issues.

Talking to ENA, in connection to the 4th round filling of GERD, Ambassador Sileshi said that during the past four years, sufficient volume of rainfall has been gained that facilitated the filling of the dam.

The water captured by the Aswan dam in Egypt has been released for it held more than enough water during the current rainy season, he noted stating that the filling of the dam has been carried out without harm to the lower riparian countries.

Sileshi further pointed out that besides being a source of cooperation between the three countries, the Great Renaissance Dam has practically demonstrated the fact that there will be no damage to the lower riparian countries.

The successful completion of the 4th round filling of GERD opens a new chapter in the process of the construction of the dam, he underlined.

Stating that the two turbines which have already started generating power are currently in operation, he said other additional turbines will start generating power during the current Ethiopian budget year.

Praising Ethiopians for their continued contribution to the construction of the dam, he further urged for continued support until its completion.

The success which registered in the construction of the grand dam has manifested that Ethiopians can realize other grand developmental activities in a collaborative manner, ambassador Sileshi affirmed.

He finally urged Ethiopians to continue standing together for the development of their country in all spheres.

The GERD is completely financed by the contributions of the Ethiopian people. It is being built with the blood, sweat and tears of the Ethiopian people.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency