Baghdad  In just a day, South Africa witnessed a sharp jump in new infections with the Corona virus, amid the spread of the new “Omicron” strain, as this indicator rose about twice.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases reported that, during the past 24 hours, it had recorded 4,373 new infections, compared to 2,273 the previous day, and the largest number of cases was monitored in Gauteng Province, where the daily toll reached 3,143.

During the day, the institute recorded 21 new deaths, compared to 25 cases in Monday’s data.

So far, the number of coronavirus infections in the country has reached 2,968,052, including 89,843 deaths.

On November 28, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa had predicted that his country would face a fourth wave of the Corona virus pandemic due to the spread of the “Omicron” strain, which he said was behind most infections in the most populous province of Gauteng.

The first infection with the “B.1.1.529” strain, which the World Health Organization later called “Omicron”, was recorded in Botswana on November 11 in a South African, where the largest number of patients was detected.

The World Health Organization classified this mutator as “alarming”, as well as a group of countries in southern Africa, the strain reached the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Australia and Canada.

The start of the spread of this strain resulted in a new wave to limit the movement of transport in the world, especially the closure of the southern African countries, which are already suffering from economic problems and a shortage of vaccines.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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