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Fourth, Final Filling of GERD Signifies Ethiopians Unity for Development: Prof. Adem

The successful completion of the fourth and final filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) vividly demonstrates the capability of Ethiopians to transform their country through a collective effort without harming others, a historian Professor Adam Kamil remarked.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on Sunday that the fourth round filling of the GERD has been successfully completed.

The premier congratulated all who have participated in the overall activities of the project by contributing money, time, labor and prayers. He also urged all Ethiopians to replicate such unity in other national issues.

In an exclusive interview with ENA regarding the 4th round filling of GERD; Professor Adam Kamil said that the success of filling of the renaissance dam is a good news that has come after going through many challenges.

He said that there were many challenges toward the dam to reach the level it has reached today.

Professor Adem also mentioned that the successful completion of fourth round filling of GERD shows the power of unity to overcome challenges for a common goal.

He also pointed out that the Renaissance Dam will contribute to the success of Ethiopia’s journey of development.

The historian pointed out that the success obtained in filling of the dam has taught us that we should stand together for the development of Ethiopia.

For this reason, he said, we should focus on issues that unite us instead of differences.

Adam said that Ethiopia’s desire is to develop and grow with its renaissance dam without harming any country and he called on the young generation to realize this and contribute its share to Ethiopia.

He emphasized that Ethiopians should repeat the unity and determination shown on the Renaissance Dam in other development endeavors too.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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