Ambassadors of Various Countries Express New Year Wishes to Ethiopian People

Ambassadors of various countries residing in Addis Ababa have expressed peaceful and prosperous Ethiopian New Year of 2016 to the Ethiopian People.

Ethiopia, which has preserved its own unique calendar of 13 months, celebrates its New Year (Enkutatash) on the 12th of September.

Peculiar from the rest of the world each of the 12 months in Ethiopian calendar has 30 days while the 13th month (Pagumen) has 5 days or 6 during each leap year.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Turkiye Ambassador to Ethiopia Berk Baran wished peace, prosperity and solidarity for the 2016 Ethiopian New Year.

“I would like to celebrate the New Year of the Ethiopian people and I wish prosperity, welfare, peace and solidarity in the New Year. I hope that when we start the New Year, we always wish for the better. I wish that 2016 will be better than 2015 and will be full of peace and prosperity for the Ethiopian people,” Ambassador Baran extended his best wishes.

Similarly, Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin wished a peaceful 2016 Ethiopian New Year for all Ethiopians across the country.

“I wish to my Ethiopian friends, first of all, peace; peace in the country, peace in every house and peace in every mind and heart. If we have peace, we can achieve any other goal. And of course, I am wishing my Ethiopian friends prosperity, good health, friendship, love and happiness constituted by all these,” the Ambassador expressed his best wishes..

Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Robert Shetkintong similarly wished to Ethiopians peace, unity and development in celebrating the 2016 Ethiopian New Year.

“I echo the universal prayer on the lips of every Ethiopian citizen that is for peace, unity, and development of Ethiopia,” Ambassador Shetkintong extended his best wishes.

South Korea Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kang Seokhee wished to all Ethiopians and the Ethiopian government a peaceful and prosperous 2016 Ethiopian New Year.

“I wish Ethiopian people and government peace, prosperity, solidarity, and reconciliation in the New Year,” he expressed.

Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Agostino Palese wished the 2016 Ethiopian New Year to be of development and economic growth.

“I wish peace and love for Ethiopians. I hope that 2016 will be a very nice year for Ethiopia and I hope to see Ethiopia grow economically. I hope all Ethiopians understand the dividend of peace; peace is a value and you are always to go ahead on this part. It is very important that everybody has to understand that you have a bright future if you value the importance of peace,” Ambassador Palese forwarded his wishes.

French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Rémi Maréchaux for his part said “Happy New Year to all Ethiopians. I wish 2016 E.C to be the year of stability, dialogue and peace.”

Similarly Ferdinand Von Weyhe of German Embassy Charge d’Affaires, Cuba Ambassador to Ethiopia Jorge Lefebre Nicolás and Muhammad Salem Alrashedi, UAE ambassador to Ethiopia as well as have wished a peaceful and prosperous 2016 ethiopian New Year.

Ethiopians celebrate the first day that heralds the Ethiopian New Year with festivities, getting together and attending traditional events, which are considered as a special moment of renewal.They also wear traditional attire and enjoy traditional cuisine and drinks.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency