Addis Ababa: State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, announced that preparations have been made for second-generation Ethiopians to help them leave their mark through investment, various development works, and volunteer activities in the country.

It is recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had called on second-generation Ethiopians living in various countries around the world to come to their homeland during the summer and leave their mark in the various activities of their country.

Following this, a welcoming ceremony was held today at Bole International Airport for second-generation Ethiopians who came from Australia and America to participate in the 26th Harar Day celebration.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, along with Harari regional leaders, welcomed the Ethiopians.

On the occasion, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano reminded that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made a third round of calls for second-generation Ethiopians to leave their mark in various field
s in Ethiopia.

Since schools are closed during this time, the State Minister pointed out that many Ethiopians of second generation have an opportunity to learn more about their homeland.

The necessary support will be provided to strengthen the participation of citizens who have come to Ethiopia to participate in the Harar Day celebration, including in investment and various other fields, as per the Prime Minister’s call, she added. .

She also explained that during their stay in Ethiopia, they will visit development projects, and work is being focused on creating favorable conditions for them to leave their mark.

Deputy Head of the Harari Region Prosperity Party Branch Office, Abdulhakim Umer, said that preparations have been made in the region for diaspora members from the region to participate in various charitable programs alongside celebrating Harar Day.

He mentioned that they will carry out various activities including free medical services, support for school supplies, and green legacy initiatives.

bdulhakim, who noted that Ethiopia has achieved changes in many aspects, indicated that second-generation Ethiopians should take advantage of the created favorable conditions to participate in development works.

According to Belayneh Aknaw, Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Service, second-generation Ethiopians have come in two rounds following the Prime Minister’s previous call.

He pointed out that a third round of calls has been made for second-generation Ethiopians to know their country over the three months starting from June 20, 2024, under the slogan “Leave Your Mark”.

The Deputy Director General highlighted that the national call provides an opportunity to see Ethiopia’s actual situation in person.

Among the second-generation Ethiopians who arrived in Addis Ababa today, Dr. Jemal Mohammed, a general practitioner in Australia, told ENA that he is ready to serve his country with his profession.

He also indicated that he has prepared a project to establish a dialysis clinic.

y, Duset Abdosh and Fetiha Abdulahi, who came from Australia, mentioned that they had long-term plans to participate in investment sector in Ethiopia.

Following their arrival in their country, they indicated that they are ready to start various development and investment works.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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