Addis Ababa: Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) commended Ethiopia for its indispensable role in the efforts to maintaining peace and stability in the region, as a key member of the force.

Adelegation from the Eastern Africa Standby Force office in Nairobi, Kenya, arrived in Ethiopia to oversee the preparedness of Ethiopia’s motorized battalion contributed to the force.

The delegation is currently conducting a pre-deployment verification and assessment forum in Bishoftu town of Oromia region today.

Director of the Eastern Africa Standby Force, Brigadier General Paul Kahuria Njema along with Lieutenant General Alemshet Degife, Military Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, were present at the event attended by leaders, military officers of the standby force, and officials from the African Union.

On the occasion, the Director highlighted Ethiopia’s significant contribution in terms of providing a professional and qualified army to the Eastern Africa Standby Force. He also p
raised Ethiopia for its global contributions in this regard.

He also noted Ethiopia’s extensive experience in fostering peace and stability across East Africa, expressing gratitude for Ethiopia’s significant contributions to all missions it has been engaged thus far.

Brigadier General Njema further emphasized the imperative for regional countries to strengthen cooperation and work diligently towards achieving lasting peace and stability.

Lieutenant General Alemshet Degife, Military Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, reiterated Ethiopia’s longstanding and pivotal role in promoting peace and security cooperation throughout Africa and the region.

Alemshet emphasized that Ethiopia, as a founding member of the standby force, is not only a pioneer in generating ideas but remains actively engaged as a leader in practical implementation.

He highlighted Ethiopia’s significant allocation of resources towards promoting peace in the region.

The Lieutenant General underscored Ethi
opia’s commitment and readiness to enhance the capacity of the standby force, ensuring comprehensive preparedness and effective mission execution.

The advisor also emphasized the critical role of the standby force in fostering peace and stability to strengthen cooperation among countries in the region across various sectors, while also highlighting the continuous readiness of the Ethiopian Motorized Battalion.

He affirmed the force’s unwavering commitment to enhancing its indispensable role in securing peace and prosperity for a brighter future in the region.

During their stay in Ethiopia, the Standby Force envoy will visit the Eastern Africa Standby Force headquarters in Ethiopia to assess the battalion’s readiness and operational status.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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