Addis Ababa: Four innovative works developed by the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute have been granted patent rights from the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Authority.

The Institute was granted patent rights for its artificial intelligence (AI) based tools developed to testing and identifying diabetic diseases, types of breast cancers, skin diseases on children and coffee leaf diseases.

On the occasion, Director General of the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Worku Gachena explained about the AI based activities of the institute in the areas of research and development. The research outcomes, which received patent rights today, are part of these ongoing efforts of the institute, he added.

According to the Director General, besides the efforts to making its research and development outcomes functional, the institute is also working to get international patent rights for its multifaceted AI based research and development projects.

The Director General of Ethiopian Intellectual Proper
ty Authority, Woldu Yemessel for his part highlighted the importance of strong protection to AI based innovations as they are critical to enhance the competitiveness of the next generation.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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