Addis Ababa: House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) Speaker Tagesse Chafo and a high-level delegation from Azerbaijan led by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mukhtar Babayev, who is COP-29 President, exchanged ideas on strengthening cooperation and addressing global climate challenges today.

The 2024 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 29) will convene in November 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan, it was indicated.

During the discussion, Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative, and COP29 emerged as key points of discussion, in addition to the need to strengthen bilateral and multilateral issues to tackle global challenges.

HPR Speaker Tagesse Chafo focused on amplifying efforts to tackle climate change, highlighting the success of Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative.

He emphasized the need for increased collaboration and experience sharing, alongside ensuring the long-promised 1 billion USD in climate finance is delivered.

Tagesse stressed the importance of translating climate conferences’ decisions in
to concrete action, including at the upcoming COP29, which presents an opportunity to accelerate international efforts toward climate action.

Ethiopia, the speaker reaffirmed, remains committed to partnering with Azerbaijan and the international community to combat climate change.

Tagesse emphasized the importance of knowledge and experience exchange in tackling climate change effectively.

The Speaker also underscored the need to strengthen early warning systems to build resilience against climate-induced disasters.

Ethiopia expressed its full support to Azerbaijan as it assumes the presidency of COP29.

Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mukhtar Babayev clarified that the purpose of the visit is to understand climate change actions in Ethiopia.

He highlighted that Azerbaijan also faces its share of climate challenges, including droughts and floods and expressed his country’s interest in learning from Ethiopia’s experience in climate change mitigation.

The Minister emphasized that it is daunting
for countries to tackle climate change effects separately and stressed the importance of regional and global cooperation in tackling the challenge.

The speaker also accepted invitation to visit Azerbagian and he accepted it.

Following the discussions, both delegations participated in a symbolic tree planting ceremony within the parliament compound, underscoring the shared commitment of Ethiopia and Azerbaijan to environmental protection and combating climate change.

The Ethiopian delegation included Planning and Development Minister Fitsum Asefa and Foreign Affairs State Minister Misganu Arga.

Representing Azerbaijan were the Ambassador to Ethiopia and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ecology and Natural Resources.

This high-level meeting signifies a renewed commitment from both Ethiopia and Azerbaijan to collaborate on climate action and build a more resilient future for all.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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