Completion of GERD’s Filling Vital Not Only for Ethiopia But for Horn of Africa, Riparian Countries: A Senior Researcher

The successful completion of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is of vital importance to ensuring shared benefit and stability not only for Ethiopia but for the Horn of Africa and riparian countries, senior researcher at African and Asian Research Center, Samuel Tefera remarked.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced earlier today the successful filling of the fourth and final round of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The primer congratulated all who have participated in the overall activities of the project.

African and Asian Research Center Senior Researcher at the Addis Ababa University, Samuel Tefera, who share his opinion with ENA, said the successful completion of fourth and final filling of GERD demonstrates the fact that Ethiopia was able to successfully withstand international pressures.

He added that GERD is a huge project whose construction is underway with the concerted efforts of all Ethiopians.

The current stage on which the construction of the dam has reached enabled all Ethiopians to proudly lift up their head as this would create the necessary economic basis for the development of the country, the researcher said.

He further stated that the successful filling of GERD is a victory for all who supported the construction of the dam by their financial contributions, labor and prayers as well as for those security forces that guarded the dam round the clock and under sever climatic conditions.

Samuel also mentioned that it is a success for all professionals who worked from dawn to dusk in constructing the dam and media professionals who continued to report to the rest of the world on the reality in Ethiopia.

According to him, GERD is the second historical event after the Battle of Adwa under which all Ethiopians with varied political outlooks and multiple levels of economic status, language and religious affiliations were again gathered under the same pillar to make the dam a flagship project of the country.

The completion of the filling has enabled all Ethiopians too proudly lift up their head in delight as it creates a viable economic basis for the development of the country, he said.

Ethiopia has continued to cross the rubicon of internal and external challenges and pressures right from the onset of the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of the dam up to the present and final conclusion of filling and further construction without endangering the safety and security of the lower riparian countries, Samuel continued.

Due to the massive public support, the political willingness and diplomatic efforts made by the government, the country was able to withstand all challenges pressures to make the dam a reality on the ground, he indicated.

As indicated by the researcher, the completion fourth round filling of GERD on the appropriate schedule will enable the country to secure another 6 billion USD addition GDP.

The researcher noted that the completion of the filling and final conclusion of the project will create a viable and powerful electric power source for the construction of various social service institutions and would promote regional economic integration.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency