Cameroonian Athlete Seidou Nji Mouluh strikes gold at world SAMBO championship

By Biwah Bryan

Cameroonian athlete Seidou Nji Mouluh has once again proven his incredible talent, bringing home a gold Medal in the 2023 edition of the World SAMBO Championship. This year’s tournament took place in Armenia’s Capital Yerevan where Seidou beat Russia’s Abdulkhalim Dzhavatkhanov in the final round of the -98 kg combat.

Seidou’s sensational victory marks his second gold medal at the competition, having previously won the title in the 2020 edition of the Sambo championship.

“My path to this victory was even harder than my first world title. This result is a big achievement for my country. We weren’t abel to come here with all athletes, and I hope our government will pay more attention to this sport in Cameroon, and we will be able to bring more medals”, said Njimouluh

SAMBO is a combination of judo, boxing, and wrestling, which originated in USSR back in the 1930s and has since grown to become a popular combat sport globally.

Seidou’s exceptional performance adds to the growing list of accomplishments achieved by Cameroonian athletes in the sport, but despite their successes, many argue that the nation’s leaders need to step up and provide more resources to develop sports talent across the country.

With athletes like Seidou continuing to excel on the world stage, there is hope that Cameroon’s leadership will take note and invest in nurturing the country’s next sports stars.

Source: Cameroon News Agency