World Darts Federation approve establishment of African Darts CouncilSport Darts Africa

The World Darts Federation (WBF) at its 27th General Meeting has unanimously approved the establishment of the African Darts Council.

The African Darts Council is expected to oversee and implement the day-to-day management of WDF affairs within their geographical areas.

Mr. Nick Rolls, the General Secretary of WDF in a letter addressed to he Yehia Abdallah, President of the Egyptian Darts Federation stated that, ‘ The responsibilities of the Area Councils shall comprise meetings chaired by the host country held in conjunction with the respective Area Cup.

‘Member’s representatives shall discuss matters concerning the cup and determine the potential hosts for future Cups. A recommendation for a host bid for Area Cup and other matters relative to Area Cups including amendments to Playing Rules and Format shall be submitted to the WDF Executives for consideration for inclusion on the Agenda of the next WDF meeting for consideration and approval.’

The Darts Association of Ghana (DAG) is an affiliated body of
WDF and has organised numerous outreach programmes, since its formation in 2019.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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