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Two maternal deaths recorded at Ketu South in 2023

Two pregnant women died in 2023, in Ketu South from severe pre-eclampsia, a serious condition occurring in pregnant women with severe high blood pressure and signs of dysfunction of one or multiple major organs.

One of the deaths was caused by ‘pulmonary oedema 2? pre-eclampsia with severe features and the other by ‘multiple organ failure, disseminated intravascular coagulation 2? abruption placenta and pre-eclampsia with severe features.’

This was disclosed at the Ketu South Health Directorate’s 2023 programme of work review held at Aflao, a forum to give feedback to stakeholders in health on the performance of the Directorate, its successes and challenges and the way forward for the 2024 year.

Mr David Agbokpe, Municipal Director of Health Services said though the Directorate made great strides in the year in maternal and child health issues, two women however lost their lives.

He reported: ‘Two maternal deaths were recorded during the period under review as compared to one in 2022, still birth had decr
eased from 45 in 2022 to 23 in 2023. Fifteen neonatal deaths were also recorded in 2022 compared to 11 in the same period in 2023.

There was an increase in antenatal fourth visit that is 61.8 percent in 2022 as compared to 69.7 percent in 2023. Skilled delivery had seen an improvement in the period under review that is 47.1 percent in 2022 as compared to 51.1 percent in 2023 and postnatal care slightly reduced from 99.9 percent in 2022 as compared to 99.7 percent in 2023.’

He added that anaemia in pregnancy was also monitored closely and ‘there was reduction in anaemia at 36 weeks that is it had reduced from 49.2 percent in 2022 to 45 percent in 2023.’

He attributed these to the Directorate’s efforts to get males (partners of pregnant women) involved in maternal and child health issues and noted they intended keeping the zeal to improve the male involvement to record more successes in the area.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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