Two chiefs provide medical equipment to health institutions in Eastern Region

Nana Kwabena Duku I, Nkosuohene of Nyame Bekyere, and Nana Kofi Amoa Asuo I, Nkosuohene of Nana Asuo Gyebi shrine in Larteh, have provided medical equipment to some healthcare facilities in the Eastern Region.

The recipient institutions were the Ghana Ambulance Service in the New Juaben North District, the Tinkong Health Centre in the Akuapim North District, and the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua.

The devices included the gastrotomy feeding tube, intubating stylet, tuberculin syringe, adult and paediatric resuscitator, steri-drape, exam gloves, anaesthesia face mask, surgical gloves, BD syringe, argyle bubble connector, lumbar puncture set, and suction coagulator.

Nana Duku I, also known as Diallo Sumbry, donating the devices at Nyame Bekyere in the New Juaben North District, noted the significant impact of the devices on medical procedures, adding that they would help to advance healthcare delivery, ensuring the provision of high-quality medical services to patients in need.

He explained the indispensable role of medical equipment in healthcare delivery, and stated that the tools were essential in preventing, diagnosing, treating, and facilitating effective rehabilitation of ailments.

He called upon the public to generously contribute their time and resources to support public facilities to improve their capacities in service delivery.

Mr Enoch Adjei Amoah, speaking on behalf of the Eastern Regional Hospital’s Emergency Unit, expressed gratitude towards the donors for their contribution of medical equipment.

He emphasised that the provision of appropriate medical devices enabled efficient treatment of patients and facilitated faster recovery.

He gave the assurance that the Hospital would utilise the equipment in a proper and safe manner.

Nana Ama Sakyibea I, Mmabaawa Hemaa of Nyame Bekyere, expressed deep appreciation for the generous act of kindness.

‘Though we benefit from the services of the Eastern Regional Hospital and Tinkong Health Centre we will be pleased to have a health centre here at Nyame Bekyere,’ she added.

Source: Ghana News Agency