HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Uniview held its 3rd Global Partner Summit “Transform. Evolve.” in the form of live streaming during its 10th Anniversary. The invitation-only virtual event featured discussions on how surveillance industry can tackle the challenges after COVID-19 – forcing the transition to a new normal, post-pandemic future. CEO of Univew, Hermit Zhang, gave a strong opening for the Summit and Ximen Yan, the President of the International Business Department, delivered his quick take on what transformation Uniview is going to take, to evolve into the future. Over 1,500 partners attended the meeting.

Key findings from the presentations include:

  • Uniview launched video conference lines
  • Uniview SMB intelligent monitoring scheme enables all industries to reorganize order, improve efficiency and achieve growth
  • Uniview increased the digital marketing activity to empower partners and received considerable results

Sitting in the front line of the stage: new service, new product

Uniview launched a full series of heat-tracking equipment, “to help coping with the sudden shift of life and business”, Product Marketing Director Liu said. New video conference line is designed to adapt users to new lifestyles, realizing qualitative non-contact communication. He demonstrated the company’s approach to reorganize and transform product category so to cover smart security, smart home and smart business.

Offstage: industrial reformation for surveillance solutions

SMB intelligent monitoring scheme enables all industries to reorganize order, improve efficiency and achieve growth. While product lines at Uniview are being expanded, the according smart solutions include algorithms like, People Counting, People Flow Control, Smart Intrusion Prevention, etc., optimize business management. Joyce, Product Director, explained its take to effectively reinforce small to medium business dealing with industrial transformation via its need and technology based customizable solution approach.

What does the backstage looks like?

Product director, Jason, described the company’s approach on intelligent algorithms, Tri-Guard and ColorHunter technologies. He mentioned, from traditional cameras to deep learning cameras, Uniview will continue to upgrade technology in image performance, video analysis, AI, big data, etc., and to improve innovation capabilities.

The Summit ended with significant accomplishments, including launches on online conferencing tools, as well as smart home gadgets, completed the product transition from traditional surveillance to smart home/ smart business. The summit also rewarded royal and dedicated partners for outstanding performances, and encourage to return in 2022 with stronger pledges to continuous dedication.

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