‘There has not been any embezzlement of Hogbeza funds’ – Dan Abodakpi

Mr Dan Abodakpi, the stoolfather (Awoamezitor) of Anlo Awoamezi throne has debunked claims that, the Hogbetsotso Festival Planning Committee has been embezzling funds since 2011 as rumored by some residents.
The former Ambassador, at the official launching of this year’s Hogbetsotso festival, made it clear that the Central Planning Committee had been rendering accounts to the Anlo Traditional Council headed by Togbi Sri III, whom he serves as his stool father.
‘Hogbeza is celebrated under the auspices of Awoamefia, who is the leader of the Anlo Traditional Council, and festival accounts are read every year to him and the Traditional Council, who then notifies the Congress of Chiefs, explaining that nobody does Hogbeza accounts on radio.’
‘As the Awoamezitor to Togbi Sri III, I cannot be part of any festival planning committees, but it was very unfortunate my name was included among a list of people summoned as Hogbeza committee members over this account issue.
‘So, how possible is it that, as part of the people, who such accounts are rendered to, I should be part of that same planning,’? he asked.
On alleged embezzlement, Mr Abodakpi denied that there has not been anything as such.
‘In my capacity, in all the accounts rendered so far to my Awoamefia, the Anlo Traditional Council, and Congress of Chiefs, I can confidently say there has not been any single issue of embezzlement anywhere,’ the Zikpitor explained.
A section of Anlo youth have been questioning if there is any material outcome of the festival since this year will mark the 61st after its inception in 1962 by Togbi Adeladza II, the then Awoamefia, but the former Member of Parliament said: ‘We celebrate Hogbeza to bring all Anlo natives back home and to identify who we are and sell our culture worldwide.’
‘Development has not been the agenda, and this is something prudent we may inculcate into the festival to help solve some problems,’ he explained.
He also touched on how the Chiefs led by Awoamefia are deliberating on how to tackle the effects of climate change in Anlo towns.
The event was colourful, with a rich display of Anlo culture by many dancing groups.
This is the first time Hogbetsotso festival is being launched in the region after many calls to do.

Source: Ghana News Agency