Residents of Shama express mixed reaction about Mr Alan Kyerematen’s decision

Scores of residents in the Shama District of the Western Region have expressed concern about the decision of Mr Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen to resign from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and contest as an independent presidential candidate in the 2024 general elections. Mr Kyerematen announced the decision of his forfeiture as a long-standing member of NPP after he officially resigned from the party, citing the unfair treatment and assault perpetrated against his followers and his person as the reason to breakaway. In an interview with the GNA, some of the residents noted that the decision would have dire consequences on the performance of NPP in the 2024 general election since Mr Kyerematen was a party stalwart and commanded a lot of respect and support in the Ashanti Region. Mr Mensah, a resident of Inchaban and Madam Cecilia a resident of Shama, both appealed to the NPP party hierarchy, to as a matter of urgency, embark on reconciliation moves with Mr Kyerematen to avert any election related misfortunes. They explained that since Mr Kyeremanten hailed from the Ashanti Region, which is a strong hold of the NPP, his resignation from the party to contest as an independent candidate would undoubtedly impact negatively on the chances of NPP to retain power come December 2024. However, other residents were in jubilant mood after hearing Mr Kyerematen had resigned to contest as independent presidential candidate, stressing that the decision was long overdue and that it was a step in the right direction as the country needed new direction in its economy growth. According to them, they needed someone who would offer them selfless and inclusive leadership as well as enhance economic growth in the country, noting that Mr Kyerematen has the potential to move the country to a higher level. The residents welcomed the decision by Mr Kyerematen as it would create an opportunity for NDC, ‘the main opposition to come back to power to save the country from economic quagmire due to mismanagement, unbridled corruption and reckless borrowing as well as extravagant lifestyle of NPP. Mr. Kwaku Essuon, a resident of Assorko -Essaman, was happy about Mr Kyerematen’s resignation would further deepen the woes and division in the NPP, which would weaken its front to prevent the party from winning the general elections due to the ‘nepotic governance offered to Ghanaians in the past seven years.’ Others, however, contended that Mr Kyerematen’s breakaway from NPP would not pose any danger to its chances in the general elections since the allegiance of many supporters of the party remained unchanged. While others expressed the view that Mr Kyerematen could not bring any needed economic changes to help wean the citizenry from the current difficulties, since he was from the NPP which had created the socioeconomic hardship that was currently confronting Ghanaians.

Source: Ghana News Agency