Regulate rural water service providers to ensure safe water

Mr Mohammed Ibrahim Adokor, Director, Planning Investment, Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWAS), has called on the government to enact regulations to ensure safe water consumption in rural areas.

He said a regulator institution would ensure moderate tariffs, healthy water supply, and frequent access to water.

He said private water service providers in rural areas provided water for communities without regularly testing for its healthiness.

Mr Adokor said this at the 100th edition of the National Level Learning Alliance Platform held in Accra, to establish an effective rural and small-town water utility model in the Western region, with strengthened capacity at the national level.

He said some private water providers did not mechanise their reservoir water systems and were tested only at the time of construction.

Mr Adokor explained that maintaining access to safe water was a national priority, and the government must remain committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable water to all.

He s
aid such laudable initiatives could not be achieved in any void but with stronger stakeholder support, which would help to mainstream relevant data on rural water supply into national planning processes.

He emphasised that the government must work with public, private, and development actors to provide safe access to water for all.

He urged stakeholders to organise training for residents on water management before commissioning boreholes and other water company providers.

Source: Ghana News Agency