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Recreational activities ease the mind against suicide

The Mental Health Coordinator at the Tema Metro Health Directorate, Mr. Pious Tay, has revealed that recreational and physical activities are some preventive ways to ease the mind against suicide tendencies.
He explained that there were many ways of preventing the thoughts of suicide, adding that channeling energiea into new frontiers or recreation could relieve the mind of suicidal thoughts.
He said depression was associated with suicide; therefore, the engagement of a person in recreational activities, benevolent activities, new career pursuits, or new knowledge pursuits prevented the mind.
He joined the Ghana News Agency in Tema to engage in a month-long relentless public advocacy to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.
World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an awareness day always observed on September 10, every year, to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world since 2003.
Speaking on the topic ‘Depression,’ ‘Your Health: Our Collective Responsibility’ as a major platform to help educate the public and promote domestic action to prevent suicides, Mr. Tay emphasised that suicides were preventable.
The weekly ‘Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility! A Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Office initiative aimed at promoting health-related communication and providing a platform for health information dissemination to influence personal health choices through improved health literacy
Mr Tay said, ‘Suicide is mostly accompanied by millions of thoughts about a situation that keeps confronting the person; therefore, diversional therapy, where one’s thoughts are diverted into doing different things, helps the person’.
He noted again that while social media platforms may sometimes help a person deal with suicidal thoughts or depression, it is important for one to find a trusted confidant whom they can confide in and hold physical discussion.
He highlighted that the thoughts of suicide become weaker when one keeps shutting them down with physical or recreational activities and positive thoughts, stating that this activity reduces those thoughts and discards all evil thoughts with time.
He said, ‘Taking a walk, getting into healthy conversation, learning a skill, and engaging in community activities can also help in the prevention of suicide or depression’.
Mr. Tay noted that the fight against suicide remained a collective task as every individual was responsible for curbing and minimising the situation; thus, parents, siblings, the community, and others should be watchful for certain signs in their children, siblings, or the community to save a person from committing suicide.
He advised every individual to channel their energy into developing new things, find people they trust and confide in, and, more importantly, be approachable and alert to people.
He said that mental health services and centres are not only limited to people with mental disabilities but to everyone who seeks mental health advice.
Dr. Sally Quartey, Tema Metro Health Director, explained that WSPD was first introduced by the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP) and noted that this year’s awareness creation was on the global theme ‘Creating Hope through Action’.
Dr. Quartey stressed that suicide was a significant issue in public health that could have a lasting impact on people, families, and communities and noted that suicide can be avoided as strategies at all societal levels are necessary to prevent suicide.
She said the preventive measures incudes becoming aware of the indicators, encouraging prevention and resilience, and committing to societal change, everyone may contribute to the prevention of suicide.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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