RASCOM Board of Directors convene in Yaounde to shape future of Satellite communications in Africa

At their 74th Board of Directors meeting launched in Yaounde, Cameroon on Wednesday 22nd May 2024, the Regional African Satellite Communications Organisation (RASCOM) member states and key strategic partners are set on shaping the future of satellite Communications in Africa.

‘This meeting will be a crucial milestone in shaping the future of satellite Communications in Africa’, the Acting Director General of RASCOM, Timothy Ashong said.

The three-day gathering will provide an opportunity for members states and key stakeholders to delve into the latest developments and trends within the satellite space.

Organised under the auspices of Cameroon’s Ministry of Communications, and supported by Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL), the event will foster collaboration, address challenges and explore opportunities for growth and partnership within the telecommunications sector.

‘This board meeting is being held in a very important context, given the events of March, when the submarine cable was cut. Today, the sa
tellite solution presents an opportunity and a redundancy that will enable all countries to be connected at all times, whatever problems we may have with other communications systems such as submarines’, the General Manager of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday emphasized.

As the meeting unfolds, the collective expertise, insights and shared vision of the participants are poised to pave the way for a brighter future of satellite Communications in Africa – Connecting Africa, empowering futures: together with RASCOM.

Source: Cameroon News Agency