Prudential Life Insurance offers Ghanaians the most out of life

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, an insurance company emboldening people to pursue passions and ambitions without fear of unforeseen setbacks, has called on the public to insure the unknown as a safeguard and protection for financial security.

The company in a news brief, said the unknown often had shadows over even the brightest aspirations and the quest for financial security and a fulfilled life had never been more pressing for Ghanaians.

The insurance company has, therefore, introduced different packages and products for the Ghanaian market to give the public the most out of life.

It said with 175 years in the industry, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana drew inspiration and experience from its parent company to understand the need for everyday people.

In Ghana, the board of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, including Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, CEO Dr. Hazel Berrard Amuah, Mr Kwasi Osei, Mr Emmanuel Mokobi Aryee, Nick Holder, Efua Preba Arkaah Greenstreet and David Nutman, holds a collective unrivalle
d experience, which makes every decision of the Company one that impacts positively on customers.

The state of Ghanaians doing well with their health, comfort, happiness and prosperity was of great consideration to Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, it said.

The brief said from packages, including the Pru Wealth Plan, Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan, Ultimate Educational Support Plan, Prudential Travel Insurance Plan, the insurance company had offers that tackled most aspects of life for citizens and residents in the West African country.

‘So, whether you need that financial stability in your life or trying to educate yourself and your loved ones, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana helps you get the best out of that aspect of your life.’

It said the claim procedure for Prudential Life Insurance Ghana had been made convenient for all customers.

The brief said although there were slightly different methods of processing claims based on the product, the procedures had similarities, which included a simple call to an
Alarm Centre, which operate on all days 24/7 for travel insurance or filling a simple claim form and providing national identification for other insurance packages.

The national identification should be one that establishes the name and date of birth of the policyholder and (or) claimant.

This includes Voters’ ID, Driver’s License, Passport, Ghana Card or a National Health Insurance (NHIS) card.

It said the Company aimed to help people get the best out of life and that it had products that offered an all inclusive space in the insurance industry.

‘For example, Mekakrawa by Prudential Life Insurance Ghana is a product that prospective customers can subscribe for as low as GHS3.00.

‘This policy insures the subscriber and one dependent against the loss of life due to natural and accidental death.

‘ In addition, the subscriber-only is also covered against total permanent disability and four major critical illnesses. All this on offer with as low as GHc3.’

The brief said Prudential Life Insurance Ghana had
interests in giving back to society with programmes and initiatives fulfilling its corporate responsibility.

‘ The Prudential Actuarial Support System awards students the Cedi equivalent of USD500 and the reimbursement of exam fees and study notes for two years after graduation.

‘ There is also the opportunity for top students to be offered apprenticeships at the organisation.

‘ There is also a Mental Health Awareness initiative at the organisation and the famous PruRide Accra which supports and promotes the sport,’ the brief said.

Source: Ghana News Agency