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OP Retail overhauled its system to combat Omicron variant

SUZHOU, China, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OP Retail, China’s famous retail solution provider who has been helping retailers to combat Covid-19 since 2020, recently announced that it optimized the occupancy management module. The new tweaked function will increase the accuracy of the risk level measurement for the Omicron variant.

“Our high precision sensor can generate with 98%+ accurate customer flow data which can be further processed and displayed on our new dashboard, providing detailed occupancy information.” said Jayson Zhou, the CEO of OP Retail.

Besides the overhauled occupancy management, OP Retail’s people counting solutions contain the following major features:

OP Retail provides a wide range of sensor options and insightful business analytics.

Not Just Counting

1.Various counters available

OP Retail provides a wide range of sensor options, ranging from the multi-functional 2D sensor, high precision 3D sensor to human body contour & attributes recognition sensor and AI sensors.

2. Multi functions

OP Retail’s 2D sensor can be used to predict customer traffic such as peak hours, holiday promotion by deploying at entrances. It can also be used to optimize customer traffic flow and heat maps by deploying above aisles or shelves.

3. Multi directions counting

OP Retail’s sensors are built with robust quality and on-the-cusp detection technology, which has high accuracy, long durability, and work outdoors (some specific models). The sensor functions include accurate calculation of walk-in&out traffic, the passing by customers, walk-in rate, etc.

4.Enhanced Contour recognition

The patented deep learning algorithm enables sensors to recognize human body contour & attributes like age, gender, face mask, group of people, etc. while respecting privacy and excluding staff.

Turning data into actionable marketing decisions

OP Retail’s analytic system allows users to visualize daily store activities such as customer flow, sales, dwell times. The data will be further processed, and calculated to give the decision maker a panoramic diagnosis of store operation, enabling them to quickly find issues of different stores that need to be improved, and take actions on time to improve the customer experience seamlessly.

About OP Retail

OP Retail as one of a leading retail technology provider, bringing comprehensive solutions for retailers from in-depth customer traffic analysis to products display, store landing and store operation management, etc. It has helped more than 2,000 well-known brands and 300,000 stores globally. Learn more by visiting

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