Nkwanta South MCE leads communal labour to fix broken Gekyebum bridge

Mr Bright Kwame Lenwah, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Nkwanta South, has led a communal labour to fix part of the collapsed Gekyebum bridge that links the community to the Municipal capital, Nkwanta.
The highly patronised programme, only temporarily, managed to partially resolve the challenge, though it was better than in its previous state.
The MCE, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), on why a communal labour instead of reconstructing a new bridge, said though a lot had already been spent on repairs in the past, but it had become necessary to involve technocrats for a lasting project, to avoid the annual problem on the Gekyebum bridge.
Further, the purpose of the communal labour was to create a path where the water could pass through the remaining unbroken converts to keep part of the road safe for commuters, he said.
He finally called on the people to have patience and believe in the government that sooner or later the problem would be solved, because he was working hard to bring development to the people of the Nkwanta South, especially on the issue of roads.
Some of the people who took part in the communal labour expressed their displeasure about the fact that in the 21st century, people had to leave their daily activities to work on a road that the government had failed to construct with their own taxes.
Mr Ayim also said the government must consider the plight of the citizens of Nkwanta as far as development was concerned, saying ‘although it is necessary for the communal labour but it will not help the drivers on the road.’
Some residents were discouraged about paying taxes that were not being used as required, stressing that ever since the bridge collapsed, life had been difficult, especially for drivers since they could no longer go on with our daily activities.
They claimed their passengers turned to using motorbikes as the only way to cross the river.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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