Nacho shooting: Mindef accuses Ambazonia forces for killing of 10 civilians

BAMENDA- The Ministry of Defense has faulted Ambazonia separatist fighters for carrying out the attack that saw 10 civilians killed in Nacho neighborhood, Bamenda 2 subdivision on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

According to Communication Director, Col. Atonfack Guemo Cyrile Serge, the armed men, “deceptively dressed in military gear similar to those of the Army and carrying automatic rifles, gathered a few innocent citizens before firing heavily and indiscriminately at them, leading to the death of a few customers comfortably seated around a table.”

The Defense spokesman confirmed that 10 persons were murdered and 2 injured.

Col. Guemo further said, “Investigations immediately opened by local administrative and judicial authorities as well as the Defence and Security Forces will help shed light on and reveal the details of this terrorist attack for which there is absolutely no reason or justification.”

He assured the public that every detail of the investigations will be communicated accordingly.

The attackers were about a dozen in number.

Occurences in less than one week

The killing of at least 10 persons by unidentified men in the Nacho neighborhood in Bamenda, North West region on July 16, 2023, adds to the list of civilians who have been killed under unclear circumstances in Bamenda recently.

A group of unknown gunmen wearing military attires are reported to have stormed the Nacho neighborhood on Sunday evening and fired indiscriminately at civilians.

Eyewitnesses revealed that 10 persons were shot in total and 9 were pronounced dead on the scene. One of the victims was still alive but later died.

On July 15, 2023, at least five persons were massacred at Awing Quarter, Bamenda by government forces. According to reports, inhabitants of the area woke up that morning and found the corpses in a compound. CNA was told by a victim’s brother that Cameroon military invaded the area around midnight and fired in all directions-apparently someone had phoned them to report that separatists were hiding in the building.

The list continues with at least 14 people assassinated by alleged security forces in Kejum Keku, Big Babanki in the Tubah subdivision, North West region on June 16, 2023. They were suspected of working with separatist fighters.

Since 2016, separatists retaliated in a protest that turned violent when state forces used life bullets. SInce then, the separatists decided to fight for the creation of a state called Ambazonia.

Source: Cameroon News Agency