Marie Um Nyobe, dies same date, 65 years after husband Ruben Um Nyobe was killed

The Wife of one of Cameroon’s emblematic and historic figures, Ruben Um Nyobe, has been announced death. Marie Um Nyobe according to family sources in a release on Wednesday, September 13, passed away the same day at the CNPS hospital in Yaoundé due to an illness. The particularity of her death is the fact that it occurred on the same day her husband, Ruben Um Nyobe was killed some 65 years ago. Ruben Um Nyobe was killed by the French army in a forest not far from Boumnyebel.

Ruben Um Nyobe got married to Marie Um Nyobe in 1956, and they lived together till his assassination two years later. The two left behind a son, Daniel Ruben Um Nyobe, to whom she gave birth on April 24, 1957.

Ruben Um, before his death, became famous after creating the UPC party on August 10, 1948, which demanded the immediate independence of Cameroon and the reunification between British and French Cameroon.

On September 13, 1958, while leading a fight against colonial rule under the then Maquisards that was created by the UPC party, he was assassinated in a forest in Boumnyebel by the French army and his corpse was dragged in the mud.

Source: Cameroon News Agency