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Limbe: To curb attacks, SDO restricts circulation of motorbikes

Commercial motorbikes will suffer more as a result of this restriction. An attack around the Soccer City spot in Limbe, Fako Division, has changed the security rhythm, prompting administrative officials to beef up security.

At least one person died and 9 others were injured in an explosion suspected to have been perpetrated by Ambazonia separatist fighters in Cameroon’s oil city on Friday, September 8, 2023. Witnesses said two men onboard a motorbike dropped a bag that later exploded, killing a bike rider.

The Senior Divisional Officer, Chaibou, arrived at the measures after a security meeting held in Limbe. Motorbike riders were ordered to restrict circulation around major and populated centers in Limbe.

Further, the Limbe 1 Divisional Officer, noted that these areas include; major roads in town, those in Mile 4 zone shall not be allowed to cross the Mile 4 checkpoint. All commercial bikers and those not yet identified shall use only the periphery as their areas of business. Meanwhile, bikers dropping pupils and students in schools are restricted from the schools’ main gates. They are allowed to drop them 50 metres away.

The SDO also restricted the circulation of motorbikes between 8 PM and 6 AM.

The explosion in Limbe followed an attack in Buea, a day before, where three men were killed and two cars burned to ashes, as members of a separatist armed group, Fako Mountain Lions, stormed the vicinity, in an effort to enforce a two-week lockdown against school resumption in the region.

But the rights group, Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa has condemned the attack, insisting that education is a must in the region.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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