Ketu South benefits 10km road network under YoR agenda

The Ketu South Municipality has benefitted from a total of 10.1 Kilometres of road network under government’s Year of Roads (YoR) agenda.

Mr Maxwell Koffie Lugudor, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ketu South who disclosed this to Ghana News Agency in an interview said the road projects which started in the second quarter of 2023 and almost completed, were sponsored by the Central Government under its YoR agenda.

‘We have awarded for construction, a total road network of 10.1 Kilometres across all three Traditional areas of the Municipality namely Aflao, Some and Klikor Traditional Areas. So far, construction is 95 percent completed’.

Mr Lugudor said the bitumen seals aimed to fix the dusty and potholes-riddled roads spread across towns and communities in the Municipality including the capital, Denu and Aflao, home to Ghana’s busiest land border.

These, he said, included the Denu Junction to Swanzy Beach Road, Aflao Rainbow to Abeliakope to Main Road, Aflao Border Market to Main Station Road, Ewotsi
ge Junction to Abeliakope to Sepenukope Road, Assembly to Gblafedo Road, Assembly Junction to High Court Road, among others.

The MCE said apart from the upgrade of the roads, the Municipality undertook reshaping and opening of roads such as the Dakar Road and the Klikor to Kpoglu Road during the period to ease the plight of the motoring public.

‘This is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to improving the road network in Ketu South,’ he said.

Mr Lugudor said critical roads like the Aflao Police Station to Diamond Cement Road (popularly known as Diamond Cement Road) and the Komla Dumor to Agblekpui to Anoenu Road (Komla Dumor Road, Aflao) were of grave concern to his people and assured that these roads would be attended to in future.

‘I want to assure residents of Ketu South that there are plans to have roads in poor conditions especially the Diamond Cement and Komla Dumor roads, fixed,’ and encouraged them to maintain faith in the government of the New Patriotic Party.

The Municipality has abo
ut 24 feeder roads making a total of about 111.2 Kilometres of road network spread across, whose conditions and state can best be described as potholes, dusty, loose sandy soil thus, making motoring a difficult task.

Fixing these roads will require laterite or re-gravelling of the roads surface to solve the problem of the loose nature of the earth while for others, bitumen surfacing to address the dust.

Source: Ghana News Agency