GTHS Balepo: Principal reacts to famous videos of his students circulating on social media.

The principal of GTHS Balepo says the publication of the famous videos going viral on social media and that has become a major topic of discussion in many areas, is a strategy from evil-hearted individuals to tarnish the image of the school.

Days after two videos went viral on social media showing some students of the school smoking and performing erotic dances, the principal of the institution has made a hand-written outing in which he says one of the videos is a 3-year-old video while the other is recent.

In reiterating the good academic performance the school has had in recent years, the principal of the institution, Ongueng Samuel said those sharing want to destroy and tarnish the image of the school by publishing such videos during the back-to-school period.

” I must remind parents and the education community that evil-hearted and dishonest individuals have launched a campaign to tarnish the image of the school whose performances were outstanding” reads the letter.

CNA met an Upper Sixth student of the school who was present at the school three years back, and confirmed that the drug-consumption video is a 3-year-old video and was taken on May 11, 2020, when youths were observing Bob Marley day.

“It was on May 11 three years back and the guys were my friends. They were not even consuming drugs. They just wrapped papers and lit fire on them to celebrate Bob Marley. I told them it was not good but they did not listen to me. I then left them there.” the student said.

The witness also says none of the students is still schooling at the institution.

Meanwhile in the second video in which some students are seen performing erotic dances, the principal confirmed that the video is a recent one and the actors will be identified and summoned before the disciplinary council in the days ahead.

Source: Cameroon News Agency