GREDA urges Govt agencies to help it secure litigation free-lands

Mr Patrick Ebo Bonful, President, Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), has asked Government agencies to help the Association to identify and secure litigation-free lands to be deliver to deliver on its mandate.

He said land litigation issues were impeding the Association’s delivery, hence the support of state agencies for land administration and registration was needed to facilitate GREDA’s access to litigation-free lands.

Mr Bonful said this in a media interview on the sidelines of the launch of both the 35th GREDA Anniversary and the 2022 GREDA Awards event, in Accra.

He said since the inception of the Association, members had been working with the government and its agencies to help reduce the housing deficit in Ghana.

‘On our own as members of GREDA, we have put up in excess of 50,000 housing units to contribute to bridging the housing deficit, and we are hoping to do more,’ he said.

He noted that the rising cost of building materials was major challenge to their operations, but expressed the hope there would be stability or reduction in prices soon to enable them to provide more affordable infrastructures.

On the affordability of their products, he said not every citizen could be a house owner even if the cost of homes was reduced to GHS 1000.00 per unit.

Mr Bonful, however, assured all and sundry that the Association was doing its best to deliver affordable housing through effectively collaboration with the government.

Ghana’s housing deficit stands at about 1.8 million units, according to the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

Madam Doris Adabasu Kuwornu, Director of OakFirm, said GREDA had been in the forefront of real estate development in Ghana, which not only contributed significantly to bridging the country’s housing deficit gap but also attracted investment and foreign exchange into the country.

She said being mindful of these achievements, the Association had resolved to celebrate the 35th Anniversary and to award deserving individuals and organisations, hence the launch of the two events.

‘This is why OakFirm Limited has come in as the event organisers for the Awards Dinner Dance scheduled for Saturday, November 25, 2023,’ she added.

Madam Kuwornu said they were also committed to doing their best in keeping the awards processes simple, transparent and fair to its key stakeholders.

She said the GREDA Awards covered three major competitive areas and two Special Awards, making a total of 29 awards categories.

‘It is our resolve that GREDA Awards will stand tall and honour those to whom honour is due by hinging the entire process on professionalism, independence, credibility and sound judgment,’ Madam Kuwornu assured.

The competitive GREDA members Awards categories include Best in High-End Residential, Best in High-End Commercial, Best in High-End Community Set-up, Best in Middle-End Residential, Best in Affordable Low-End Residential and Best New Entrant Residential.

Others are Number of Estate Locations Serviced Plots, Low End Gated Community, Middle End Gated Community, High End Gated Community, Low End Apartments, Middle End Apartments, High End Apartments and GREEN AWARD.

The competitive Non-GREDA members Awards categories include Best Financial Institution, Best in Plastic Building Materials, Best in Building Wood Products, Best in Electrical Materials, Best in Glazing or Aluminum, and Best in Interior Décor.

Others are Best in Paint Products, Best in Cement, Best in Landscape Exterior Works, Best in Cement Products, Best in Metal Roofing System, Best in Residential Security Systems and Best in Real Estate Agency.

The two Special GREDA Awards are GREDA Housing Personality Award(s) and Overall Best Company.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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