Professor Kwame Boasiako-Omane-Antwi, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Pentecost University College, has urged young people to always pursue integrity and excellence in all endeavours.

He urged them to learn from the exploits of their forebears and let those examples be their guiding principles of life.

‘As you embark on this next chapter of your lives, remember that the measure of your success will not be defined solely by individual accolades but by the impact you leave on the world around you.

‘Take pride in your heritage, draw inspiration from the achievements of those who came before, and let their stories fuel your determination to reach new heights,’ he said.

Professor Omane-Antwi said this at the graduation ceremony of Fountainhead Christian University College in Tema.

The event was held on the theme: ‘Doing Exploits and Adding to the Achievements of Predecessors: The Role of the Fresh Graduate’.

Professor Omane-Antwi said as graduates they inherited not only their predecessors achievements, but they also
had the responsibility to build upon them to push boundaries and challenge norms.

He urged them to embrace change and harness the power of knowledge, creativity, and collaboration to solve the pressing challenges of their time.

‘You are equipped not only with the knowledge imparted within these walls but also with the courage to navigate uncharted waters and the resilience to persevere in the face of adversity.

‘Your journey from this moment forward is not merely a series of steps toward personal success but a testament to the collective strength of our community,’ he added.

Professor Omane-Antwi urged them to consider leaving a legacy in every social interaction they engaged in throughout their life time and should not live a life of wasted opportunities.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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