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Ghanaians are gradually appreciating traditional dance

Mr Bartholomew Darabor Setsoafia, the founder of Volta Dance Culture Group, has said that interest in Ghanaian local dances has increased.?

Mr Setsoafia said that these days, people have been hiring the services of cultural groups for various social events, adding that even during funerals, traditional music and dance performers’ services are being used, especially to match the cultural beliefs of the bereaved.

He told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview that the local Ghanaian dances do not only involve the movement of the body parts but rather are done skillfully to rhythmic patterns that express people’s histories, happiness, tragedy, achievement, and communicate a lot more.

He mentioned that it has also served as an attraction for international tourists to visit Ghana over the years, adding that it was refreshing that Ghanaians were now appreciating their own.?

He disclosed that this year, the cultural group had already performed at three functions and was looking forward to more as the year p

Mr Setsoafia stated that the group, which was founded in 2013 at Accra Newtown, is a master in the performance of the agbadza, kinka, atsiagbekor and adzogbo dances.

He said the establishment of the group was a vision from God to build a bigger family on earth and help people identify their talents.

Mr Setsoafia said the group has also absorbed some unemployed youth who are catering for themselves and their families, adding that members are also supported on a welfare basis.

He added that to ensure that the youth become skilled in the dances and advance in the sector, the government must give attention to cultural groups to create more opportunities for the youth.?

Touching on some challenges, he said some event organisers often refuse to provide them with water and other courtesies they extend to other performers and artists.

He said because the dances required the use of lots of energy and strength, it was just proper that event organisers stick to their side of the contract by providing th
em with the necessary things to make their work easy.

Mr Setsoafia called on the Ghana Tourism Authority and traditional leaders to sensitise the public on the importance of Ghanaian traditional dances so people would fully appreciate them and hire the services of such dance groups, especially during national events.

He said that the Volta Dance Cultural Group aims to go international to raise the banner of the country and boost interest among tourists in the local dances of Ghana.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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