Former EC Chair Charlotte Osei enstooled ‘Safohen’ in Cape Coast

Mrs Charlotte Osei, a former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, has been installed the Safohen of Cape Coast Nkum Asafo Number Four Asafo Company.

Mrs Osei, now known as Safohen Nana Ama Kesson, has undergone the various rituals to become the leader of that Company.

The Oguaa Traditional Area has seven Asafo Groups (local military) whose mandate is to protect the town from both internal and external attacks.

They are Bentsir No.1, Anaafo No.2, Ntsin No.3, Nkum No.4, Brofomba No.5, Akrampa Bo.6 and Amanful No.7.

The Groups display their prowess and energise the celebration of Oguaa Fetu Afahye, held in September, every year.

The festival is a significant annual event in Cape Coast, celebrated in the first week of September, attracting a large crowd of people from across the globe.

Prior to the Fetu Afahye, the paramount chief of Oguaa undergoes seclusion to seek guidance from deities. During this period, drumming, dancing, noise-making, and revelry are prohibited in the township and fishing in the
Fosu Lagoon is banned for a month.

A key ritual of the festival involves the paramount chief and traditional priests offering libations to the deity Nana Fosu and symbolically lifting the ban on lagoon fishing by casting his net into the waters three times.

The climax of the Fetu Afahye occurs on the first Saturday of September, featuring a lively procession through the community with dancing and festivities, concluding an ecumenical service.

Source: Ghana News Agency