Follow Power China – Writing a Story on Diversity as Part of the Belt and Road Initiative

BEIJING, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The following is an excerpt from a CRI Online report:

“Power China is my second home!” “Go with Power China! They give priority to the safety of their employees.” These are actual statements from Muhammad Ishtiaq, Power China’s foreign safety manager, and Nabeel Hussain, a civil engineer. They are both from Pakistan, having been sent by Power China to build infrastructure and power projects in countries and regions targeted by the Belt and Road Initiative. Although they are not Chinese citizens, they have become important participants and witnesses of the superior performance of Power China.

Ishtiaq joined Power China’s MGS Gas Booster Station Phase II Project Department in Saudi Arabia in 2015, and then transferred over to Power China’s project department in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. “We should firmly grasp the development opportunities brought to us by Power China, and strive to build our beautiful home,” Ishtiaq said when considering many infrastructure facilities built by Power China in Saudi Arabia. “At Power China, employees help and support each other. This sense of security gives me confidence. The company has really become my second home!”

In 2018, construction formally was started on the Rumaila power plant project in Basra Province, Iraq. Faced with the unstable situation in Iraq at that time, Nabeel made up his mind quickly: “Go! Go with Power China! I believe that they will give priority to the safety of their employees.” True to their word, Power China implemented very strict management policies to effectively assure employee safety. If someone needs to go out, the company will provide special security personnel and vehicles to protect them.

At Power China, there are many foreign workers like Muhammad Ishtiaq and Nabeel Hussain who are working in countries around the world. They were able to become closely acquainted with Chinese companies and Chinese culture through Power China. With the ongoing construction of power stations in countries and regions targeted by the Belt and Road Initiative, these workers have jointly written a chapter on diversity.

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