First Sky Group Chairman calls for a national policy on Ghana’s education

Mr Eric Sedinam Kutortse, the Executive Chairman of the First Sky Group, has called on stakeholders to develop a national policy on the country’s education to help create an effective human resource base for the nation.

He said the policy should be such that no matter the political party in power, it would be strictly adhered to.

Mr Kutortse was speaking at the 70th Anniversary celebration of the Kpando Secondary School (KPASEC) on Saturday, on the theme: ‘Quality Education: A Collective Responsibility’.

Basing the country’s education on political party manifestos and campaign promises would impede the quality of education, he noted.

He said governments must prioritise education through infrastructure development and allocation of sufficient funds to the sector, creating effective policies and ensuring access to quality education for all children, irrespective of socio-economic background.

Education should not be the sole responsibility of teachers and parents, but a collective, deliberate and active ef
fort from all stakeholders.

The role of teachers in attaining quality and inclusive education to empower all learners could not be over-emphasised, while parents created a conducive environment at home for the children to learn.

However, the community must also support and value education as a collective investment of its own future and endeavour to monitor students in and out of the school environment to ensure their wellbeing.

Mr Kutortse admonished students to play active roles in their learning process, be curious, ask critical questions and seek knowledge beyond the classroom.

He rallied the support of the school’s past students to prepare earnestly towards its 75th Anniversary, which should be marked with a landmark infrastructural development.

He donated seed money of GHS1,000,000 towards the 75th projects and called on all old students to donate GHS100 each quarterly to the Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Infrastructure Endowment Fund.

He lauded the Education Ministry’s Science, Technology, Engine
ering and Mathematics (STEM) project in schools, and said the First Sky Group was willing to partner with the Government to ensure Kpando Secondary School benefited from the policy.

First Sky Group is a wholly owned Ghanaian holding entity comprising subsidiaries with interests in hospitality, construction, insurance, banking and bitumen processing.

Okpekpewuokpe Akpinifia Dagadu IX, Paramount Chief of Kpando Traditional Area, noted that quality education transcended textbooks and examinations, encompassing the holistic development of students and preparing them to be responsible citizens.

He called on all to pledge their unwavering support to ensure the best education for future generations.

‘Everyone must recommit themselves to the pursuit of quality education since it was their collective responsibility to provide every child with an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive,’ he said.

The school was founded on January 26, 1953, and has produced notable statesmen and women in all walks of life.