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Fifty-Six communities lament government’s neglect at Nchumuru District

Residents of 56-communities under Krachi Nchumuru District of the Oti Region, have bemoaned the lack of development projects in the enclave.

They have calling on the Government to pay attention to the area and speedily connect the area to the national electricity, provide potable water and road infrastructure, among others.

They appealed to President Nana Akufo-Addo and Mr Nkrumah Ogyile, the District Chief Executive (DCE) to step in with development projects ‘to reduce the ordeal and untold hardship they are daily exposed to due to little government presence in the area.’

Mr Richmond Ntasen Mensah, Vice President of Concerned Youth Association who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said the communities want to feel the presence of the Government through the provision of potable water in the 56-communities.

In a vox pop, almost all who spoke to the GNA were emotional and some even went to the extent of raining curses on political office holders for failing to fulfill their election promises.

The GNA ob
served, during its visit to the communities, that residents depended on torchlights and candles for evening and night activities.

The situation is affecting schoolchildren’s academic performance in the area.

Mr Kondi Saibu Nyande, and Assembly Member said because there was no electricity in the area, it was difficult to develop in all sectors.

He added: ‘We have a new CHP compound at Ngawoe, but because there is no electricity, the facility has not been commissioned.

‘Our children’s academic performance is in limbo; they can’t study in the evening. When you go to the cities, children over there use laptops to study, but our children here don’t have access,’ he said worriedly.

Mr Nyande urged the Government of Ghana, through Energy Ministry to come to their aid urgently.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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