Ethio- Russia Relations Registered Lots of Achievements, Ambassador Terekhin Says

Russia is desirous to further strengthen the existing friendly bilateral relationship with Ethiopia in various spheres including trade and investment, Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Yevgeny Terekhin said.

Ethiopia and Russia have bilateral relations and cooperation in economy, science and technology as well as education and trade among other vital sectors.

The countries are also working to further enhance their relationships in areas of culture, people-to-people relations, and religion, among others.

Russia has officially begun teaching Amharic language in Moscow schools with a view to further enhancing the ties between the countries.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Terekhin said that Russia and Ethiopia have deep-rooted and historical relations.

The two countries have celebrated their 125th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship, he stated, and added both countries can work to further foster it.

“During these 125 years, the countries we have passed through a long and really glorious road. Of course, this road sometimes was not easy but nevertheless it always led us forward; at any historical turning point we were together.”

Ethiopia and Russia has been supporting each other and enjoying genuine friendship between the people of the two countries, he said.

“This attains special meaning and substance to our bilateral relations,” Ambassador Terekhin added.

The two countries have a lot of achievements in their relations, he said citing the official visit conducted by Prime minister Abiy Ahmed to Russian Federation where he had very extensive and deep conversation with President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, Abiy’s visit during Russia-Africa Summit and the discussions held will serve as good impetus for the further development of the bilateral cooperation and interaction between the two countries.

Ethiopia’s admission as a full member of the BRICS is a remarkable achievement during the concluding Ethiopian year of 2015 and cannot be underestimated; he said and added “we have to think about our future joint work.”

“I believe that the coming New Year (2016 Ethiopian year) is a …for our joint effort to further develop our bilateral relation in every possible way and every direction; in economy, investment, trade, humanitarian sphere, education and many other,” the Ambassador underscored.

Ambassador Terekhin noted that the two countries have great plans and said now is the time turn these plans in to actions and concrete deeds.

It is to be recalled that the 8th Ethio-Russia intergovernmental commission on and trade cooperation was held in Addis Ababa last December and discussed on ways to strengthening the bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries in economy, science and technology as well as education and trade.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency