Egypt’s Hamdi wins first Arab and African bronze medal at Darts World Cup in Denmark

Maryem Hamdi, the Egyptian champion of the Darts (darts) team, won the bronze medal at the 2023 World Cup of Darts being held in Esbjerg, Denmark.

With 54 countries taking part in the championship, Hamdi won her first bronze medal – a first consecration for Egypt, as well as for the Arab world and the African continent.

No Arab or African player had ever reached this stage of the competition or won a bronze medal in the 23 previous editions of the World Cup of Darts.

Hamdi had a great chance of winning the silver medal had it not been for the unfortunate draw that pitted her against the famous English player Baji, even though England is considered to be one of the strongest countries when it comes to darts.

Darts competitions originated in England. After achieving this great feat, the members of the Egyptian delegation spent an excellent evening at the Hotel-Residence in the town of Esbjerg in Denmark, celebrating in great style the consecration of the player Maryem Hamdi.

The Egyptian delegation also received warm congratulations from the delegations of the other countries taking part in the World Cup of Darts.

His Excellency Karim Sharif, the Egyptian Ambassador in Copenhagen, also congratulated the Darts team on winning the bronze medal and achieving the first Egyptian, Arab and African victory in the Darts World Cup.

The World Darts Federation (WDF) also congratulated the Egyptian team on winning the bronze medal, the first major darts victory in Egypt, the Arab world and the African continent.

The World Darts Federation published an article on its official website entitled ‘A historic moment for Egyptian darts in Denmark… where player Maryem Hamdi won the Egyptian Darts Federation’s first medal in World Cup history’.

In the quarterfinals, Maryem Hamdi turned around a 2-1 defeat to Mongolia’s Nomontia (3-2), only to find herself up against England’s Baji (gold medalist) in the semi-finals and finally win the bronze medal.

Source: Ghana News Agency