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Dr Wiafe Addai engages Immigration ladies on breast cancer detection and prevention

Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai, President, Breast Care International, has called on the Immigration Ladies Association (IMMILAC), to eschew the notion that ‘breast cancer is caused by spirits.’ She said some risk factors predisposed people, especially women, to the disease but early detection would help prevent its escalation and subsequently death. Women who never had children, women who wait so long to have kids their 30s, women whose menses extend beyond 50 years, those having positive family history and some girls in their early teens she said fall within the risk bracket. Speaking at the 2023 Breast Cancer Awareness programme organised by IMMILAC, Dr Wiafe Addai said friends, loved ones and families had taken precautions and ended at prayer camps to waste time and their chances of survival. ‘We think this is a spiritual disease and because of that a lot of women are at the prayer camps. Some believe it is caused by witchcraft so they have to go round and cure the witch craft part before thinking about the hospital,’ she said. The President said modifiable risk factors such as smoking of cigarettes and shisha, alcohol consumption, use of Bleaching tablet, injections, creams, and soaps had been found to be risk factors, however, these factors could change dependent on the people’s lifestyles. ‘We should empower women not to go for products seen on television or on the radio and billboards. We need to take way the myth and fear women have about breast cancer,’ she said. Dr Wiafe Addai also educated and screened Women in Aviation Ghana together with officials of Delta Airlines and urged them make time for breast cancer screenings and programmes. She said: ‘We know working women do not have the time so if corporate Institutions will call Breast Care International to come and educate their staff and screen them it will be helpful for the reduction of breast cancer and the fear surrounding it.’ Madam Victoria Baaba Asare, Deputy Comptroller General, Legal, Ghana Immigration Service and President of IMMILAC, said breast cancer could be overcome through awareness, education timely treatment and support. ‘We should immediately consult medical practitioners when breast cancer is suspected. This is possible even in the absence of mammographic screening,’ she said. Madam Cynthia Poka, treasurer for Women in Aviation Ghana chapter, said, the exercise had deepened their understanding more that it was not only about early detection but taking precautions swiftly. ‘Our family needs us alive, women as young as we are and as old as we are, we all need to get involve to fight this deadly disease,’ she said.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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