Atanga Nji cements power over General Ngambou

Few days after the President of the Republic, Paul Biya “retired” army General Ngambou, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, has instructed the SDO of Mfoundi and DO of Yaoundé 3, to ban Church activities of Eglise Evangelique du Cameroun.

The SDO, Djikdent Emmanuel, explained in a release that the temporary closure of the Nsymeyong parish of the Church is to avert public disorder, risk of clashes, unexplained presence of armed civilians and antagonistic groups.

The General who is in support of a dissident group of the Church known as Eglise Evangelique to Cameroun Decentralisee, had warned that Atanga Nji should not meddle in affairs where he appened his name.

A few days after his rant, he was immediately placed in what the military consider as a waiting point.

Source: Cameroon News Agency