Assembly supports local groups with equipment

The Sissala East Municipal Assembly has supported some artisans with equipment to boost their businesses.

The beneficiary groups included the Tumu Masons’ Association, Stadium Residential Soap Making Women group, Pina Bead-Making Group, Bugubelle Soya Beans Processing Group, and Satellite Installers Group.

Distributing a range of essential equipment to enhance their capacity and efficiency, Mr Fuseini Yakubu Batong, the Sisalla East Municipal Chief Executive joined by Mr Amidu Issahaku Chinnia, MP for the area, underscored the need to extend government support to persons in the artisanal space.

‘All of you here were trained before and were gathered and given this training and that is why we are giving you the equipment,’ he said.

Mr Batong said even though the equipment was limited, what was given would help enhance their work.

‘Also, at places where these equipment are scarce, you can consider renting it to other people for them to also use and through that you could earn some revenue to sustain your gr
oups and associations,’ he advised.

The MCE reiterated the government’s commitment to empowering artisans to reduce unemployment.

He advised the beneficiaries to make good use of the equipment, citing examples of individuals who have significantly improved their livelihoods through similar support schemes.

The masons received 30 wheelbarrows, 60 head pans, and 60 shovels while the soya beans processing group received 10 bags of soya beans, 30 storage containers, 30 transparent containers, 30 ladles, 30 sieves, 30 measuring cups, and 30 metal pots.

The rest included the beads-making group who received 30 pearl setting machines, 30 varied packs of beads, and 30 pieces of thread.

The soap making group received 10 hydrometers, gallons of palm oil, 5 palm kernels, 5 cutting boards and tables, 5 paraffin oil, 10 packages of vitamin E and chemicals, 10 grease lines and hardeners, 10 mini bags of soda ash, 10 mini bags of salt, 10 sets of perfumes, 10 packs of oil colors, 10 containers and pet bottles, 10 wooden
spoons, 10 measuring cups, and silicone molds among other items.

Mr Basugu Baba, the patron of the masons’ association, expressed gratitude on behalf of all the groups.

‘I wish to on behalf of the associations, express our sincere gratitude to the MCE and the Member of Parliament for the Sissala East Constituency Mr Issahaku Amidu Chinnia, for this presentation, which will help us in our fields of work.

If you wish to empower and help someone, you don’t give them food, but you teach them how to fend for themselves’, he said.

The initiative is part of the Gulf of Guinea Northern Regions Social Cohesion project, funded by the World Bank

Source: Ghana News Agency