2024 Olympic Games: Delta Air Lines unveils customised aircraft for Team USA

Delta Air Lines has unveiled its custom ‘Airbus A350 Team USA’ aircraft in Toulouse, France, as part of its support for United States’ athletes taking part in the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.

The unveiling on May 2, 2024, was described as a ‘major milestone’ and celebration of Delta’s Airline’s eight-year partnership with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, a press release issued to the Ghana News Agency, in Accra by the Kingdom Concepts Consult said.

The support from the company is expected to help the US team connect to their destination safely and achieve their dreams at the tournament, which starts in July.

‘This plane, designed by our in-house creative team, represents Delta’s commitment to Team USA and our partnership to elevate these athletes to reach their highest potential.

‘As this plane flies around the world in the coming months and years, we hope it is seen as a symbol of hard work, dedication and the upward momentum to being the best that Team USA and Delta innately share,’ C
hief Marketing Officer Alicia Tillman said in the release shared.

The celebration in Toulouse, Airbus’ global headquarters, where the plane was built and painted, was attended by the airline’s top 100 employees known as ‘Chairman’s Club Honorees’ nominated from divisions across the company.

The 2023 ‘honorees’ unveiled the brand-new Team USA ‘livery’ design and were the first to fly on the newly minted plane, as recognition of their commitment and dedication to the brand.

Delta’s Chairman’s Club Honorees flew the aircraft back to Atlanta, Georgia on May 3. The honorees, according to the company ‘are selected annually, based on their merit and ability to exemplify the Delta brand each day’.

‘Team USA athletes are resilient and perseverant – much like Delta’s own people who work each day behind the scenes to connect the world,’ Vice President of Global Communications, Gina Laughlin said.

‘Celebrating this moment alongside our 2023 Chairman’s Club Honorees is only fitting as Delta’s people and Team USA work
diligently each day to bring the best of themselves to their work.

‘No one better understand what it means to keep climbing to the top,’

The new customised aircraft, according to Delta Air Lines, was designed over several months by Alessandra Rabellino and Delta’s internal brand design team.

‘The bespoke design boasts red, white and blue colors with ‘Team USA’ proudly written across its side and maintains elements of the Team USA Livery design for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, as a nod to the beginning of the partner journey, while also incorporating features that look ahead to Paris and beyond.

‘…The brand-new plane flew the 2023 Chairman’s Club Honorees on a special route from Toulouse to Atlanta, landing to a celebratory water cannon salute at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport,’ the release added.  

The plane was met by Delta leadership,

Team USA athletes and past Chairman’s Club Honorees who were able to see the livery for the first time. The aircraft, the comp
any said, ‘will complete final certifications before beginning flying routes and carrying customers in a few weeks.’

‘As Team USA’s official airline, Delta will manage travel for all U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Milan 2026 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, where it also is an inaugural founding partner,’ the Company added.

Source: Ghana News Agency