Wild Africa Fund unveils Nigeria’s first wildlife show for kids

Wild Africa Fund has launched a new wildlife-focused television series, Dr Mark Animal TV Show, for kids between ages seven and 14.

This is contained in a statement by Wild Africa Fund Nigeria’s Representative, Mr Festus Iyorah, on Saturday in Lagos.

“The kiddies show premieres this Saturday and every other Saturday at 8.45 a.m. on Silverbird TV DSTV channel 252, StarTimes Channel 109, and GOTV channel 92/192.

“The show will educate children between ages seven and 14 on Nigeria’s amazing wildlife and the need to protect them,” the statement said.

It said that Nigeria had become a transit hub for the illegal wildlife trade of pangolin scales and ivory in the last few years.

The statement noted that the Nigeria Customs Service had made four major seizures of pangolin scales, ivory, and other wildlife parts in the last 13 months.

It added that there was a growing appetite for bushmeat consumption, especially among urban dwellers in Nigeria.

“Conservationists say illegal wildlife trade and a demand for bushmeat have sharply declined Nigeria’s wildlife and biodiversity.

“They estimate that Nigeria has fewer than 50 lions, 100 gorillas, 500 elephants, and 2,300 chimpanzees left in the wild.

“Generally, ignorance and low awareness about Nigeria’s amazing biodiversity and the importance wild animals play in the environment have contributed to the continuous destruction of Nigeria’s wildlife.

“These existential challenges have inspired the need for public awareness and educational materials that educate the general public, especially young people who are best equipped to save our environment for future generations,” it said.

The statement quoted Mr Peter Knights, Founder of Wild Africa Fund and the Executive producer of the new TV show as saying that kids would enjoy the show.

“We hope that kids will be excited to learn about these animals and how we must protect them for their futures,” Knights said.

The statement added that Mark’s Animal TV show would enlighten children on the human and ecological importance of wild animals such as pangolins, lions and African grey parrots, among others.

It said that the children would also learn fun facts about these animals including domestic animals like dogs.

The statement said that a quiz competition had been scheduled to inspire retentive knowledge in kids at the end of the show.

It said that the animal show comes at a time local content for children, especially on the environment, is nonexistent.

The statement also quoted Iyorah as saying that Wild African Fund would continue to invest in educational wildlife content.

“We plan to invest in educational wildlife content that will empower children as the next generation of wildlife ambassadors.

“We expect children to impact their cycle of influence with what they learnt from watching the show,” he said.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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