The Wimbum Fons Union led by HRH the Fon of Mbot, Shey Barnabas Mbunwe II has banned all the activities of the “rebel group” of titles, Sheys and Tantohs, led by Shey Joachim throughout the Mbum land for desecrating the ancestral Nwarong of the Mbum People in the Dongang Matung division, Northwest region.

These were some of the resolutions taken during their extraordinary virtual General Assembly meeting held on July 9, 2023.

Wimbum makes up the majority of the Donga Mantung Division, in the North West region.

The group of Sheys and Tantohs with leader Tantoh Foncha are said to have earlier violated the sanctions meted on them by the Warr Clan Counsel for desecrating the Nwarong in the Nwangri village a few months ago.

The Fons union has however decided to endorse all the sanctions that were taken by the Warr Clan Counsel against the group, banned them permanently from carrying out activities throughout the Mbumland, and stripped them of their traditional caps and titles.

“ All the Fons of Mbumland should order their Mgang-Nwarongs to discontinue the attendance of that group call Shey’s meeting chaired by henceforth called: Mr JOACHIM, followed by Mr. Foncha, Mr Ngibuh, Mr Munjah Mr Eric till further notice,” a communique which CNA got hold of, stated.

They went on to forbid any Wimbum indigene from associating themselves with the said group throughout the land except in church.

“All the Fons of Mbumland have unanimously put “Ashwood” into their cups; meaning that Wimbum people wherever they may be, are strictly forbidden to share a cup of wine with any of them, in any meeting, in any secret society (Nfuh, Samba,mbaya,etc,,), or in any market thorough out mbumland except in the church,” a section reads.

They noted that anyone who openly or secretly cooperates with any of them shall be considered as a denial of “Fons’ mouth” and shall bear the consequences according to the Wimbum tradition.

The said group was given a 2 months ultimatum to submit their fines or face the consequences.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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