MILWAUKEE, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WHR Group, Inc. (WHR), a leader in the global employee relocation industry, is offering companies free relocation policy reviews. WHR will also help companies create new policies from scratch. Even with the Covid pandemic, companies are still relocating employees to fill crucial roles. Reviewing relocation policies and making critical adjustments helps organizations win in the war for talent, meet employees’ needs, benchmark against the competition and control business costs.

Relocation policies should be incorporated into an organization’s total rewards and talent management strategies. The right relocation policy can help a company, while a weak policy – or none at all – could have a negative impact on the candidate recruiting success rate. “With the current war for talent, it’s critical to have a structured and competitive relocation program. This helps companies attract and retain top talent,” says WHR’s Business Development Regional Manager, Ben Koceja. Making sure a relocation policy meets transferees’ needs helps reduce transferee stress so that employees can focus on work roles in their new locations.

Benchmarking a policy against other companies also helps organizations stay competitive in the war for talent. The policy needs to include a choice of offerings since relocation policies are wrapped into job offers. Companies also need to ensure they’re allocating the right amount of dollars to transferees and organizational needs. It is important organizations are not paying for unnecessary or outdated benefits.

According to WHR’s International Business Development Manager, Linden Houghtby, MBA, GMS, MIM+, “Having a relocation policy aligned with your company culture, talent strategy, and recruiting goals is essential to having a successful relocation/mobility program. It allows companies to move employees where they are needed most. Policies ensure transferees will be taken care of in a way that reflects the organization’s values and goals.”

To learn more about WHR’s free employee relocation policy reviews or for help creating a new policy, contact WHR.

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