The unity in diversity that exists in Ethiopia is a very great blessing which Ethiopians need to recognize and admire, Head of the Secretariat of the African Governance Architecture of the African Peace and Security Architecture (AGA-APSA) at African Union said.

Today, Pagumen 6th,, is the Eve of Ethiopian New Year. It is observed under the theme unity in diversity of Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with ENA in connection to the Ethiopian New Year, Head of AGA, Ambassador Salah Hammad expressed his best wishes for the government and people of Ethiopia.

“First of all, (I wish) to congratulate the government and the people of Ethiopia on the occasion of Ethiopian New Year 2016, which is a great occasion, in fact to celebrate so many achievements that have been accomplished by the government of Ethiopia,” he said.

He urged Ethiopians to advocate for a united, prosperous and peaceful Ethiopia.

“I think the time has come really, for the Ethiopian people to unite, tolerate each other and to really accept each other. Because through unity, with this diversity that Ethiopia …will certainly become greater, prosperous and peaceful,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hammad also said that there are so many great expectations from Ethiopia as it is African political hub.

“The reality is, Addis Ababa is not only the capital of Ethiopia; Addis Ababa is the African political capital. And because of that, there are so many great expectations from Ethiopia as a government and also the people of Ethiopia as role models as examples for other African countries,” he added.

Indeed, Ethiopia has done very well in the area of development, he said.

He pointed out that Ethiopia has been really playing a very strong role in peacekeeping missions and in mediations in many African countries.

The Pretoria Peace Agreement which Ethiopia signed with TPLF was a great achievement in the concluding year, Hammad recalled.

“That is because of course of the wisdom of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the government of Ethiopia, as well as the involvement of the African Union or other stakeholders,” he concluded.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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