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UNIONCOMMUNITY announces its participation at Intersec 2023, Dubai

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UNIONCOMMUNITY, a global leading contactless multimodal biometric company, announced its participation at Intersec 2023. The universal exhibition, Intersec 2023, from 17-19 January, covered the wide range of topics in the security industry, including security, emergency services, safety, policing, and cybersecurity. Participants from more than 120 countries and over 1200 corporations joined this event. Under the theme, “INTEGRATED TECH FOR GLOBAL SECURITY: PROTECTION, DISRUPTION, SUSTAINABILITY”, the event accelerated the unification of the security industry and developed a network among the participants.

Intersec Unioncommunity Booth

Throughout Intersec 2023, UNIONCOMMUNITY got an opportunity to meet global customers and partners with its multimodal biometric products, the UBio series. Particularly in this event, it strategically focused on promoting the UBio-X Face Premium, the world’s most advanced walk through 8-inch face recognition device.

Based on a high-speed matching algorithm of the UBio X-Face Premium, face recognition at a distance up to 4m has become possible, at most 4 people. At the same time, the extensive 8-inch screen and the highly advanced UX/UI enhances the quality of the user’s convenience.

The UBio-X Face Premium now provides those following 6 different authentication methods: face, fingerprint, card, mobile access card, QR card, and password. With that being said, the users may choose a single and/or multiple authentication method based on their preferences.

UNIONCOMMMUNITY, at the same time, held a global conference, the UGC 2023 (UNIONCOMMUNITY Global Conference 2023) in Dubai. Throughout the event, UNIONCOMMUNITY shared its vision and insight in terms of software, hardware, and firmware innovation. Over 200 partners participated in the UGC 2023 conference.

Under the theme “the Leap to Innovation”, UNIONCOMMUNITY shared its vision and insight into the biometric technology market with the advanced and innovative hardware, software, and firmware movement.

“Based on our high-quality biometric technologies, we gradually expand our vision and insight into the global security market. We will look forward sharing our future insight with our partners and lead the global biometric market.” UNIONCOMMUNITY said.

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