UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2021: BRI Promotes the Digitalization of Indonesian MSMEs

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Tbk (IDX:BBRI) presents this year’s UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR in fully digital format, from 9-16 December 2021. It will pamper visitors with a 3D experience from 500 curated MSMEs, making it the biggest virtual bazaar organized by BRI.

BRI presents 500 MSMEs at the MSME EXPO(RT) 2021 event, held from 9-16 December 2021

The event will showcase outdoor thematic areas, highlighting five Indonesian tourism destinations: Raja Ampat (West Papua), Borobudur (Central Java), Toba (North Sumatera), Ubud (Bali), and Tanjung Kelayang (Belitung).

“BRI has supported the Indonesian MSMEs to grow as an established business and go global to compete in the international market. As the agent of development, BRILIANPRENEUR embodies the commitment to providing tremendous opportunities for MSMEs to reach this goal,” said Sunarso, BRI’s President Director.

BRI aims to reach a potential transaction target of US$65M this year. To do so, BRI has been conducting a “Go Digital” initiative to selected MSMEs including digital workshops, “Go Online” training, and collaboration with marketplaces, such as Shopee and PADI UMKM.

One of the BRILIANPRENEUR 2021 participants, Restu Mande, thrives from this session. As the pioneer of vacuumed packaging Padang dishes such as rendang and chicken curry, they achieved the 2nd highest turnover for the products sold digitally on the marketplace and were awarded Best MSME’s UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2020.

“The coaching clinics by BRI have ensured us to fully digitize our business by pushing our presence in several marketplaces and social media. The award also provides us with more credibility, attracting domestic and international potential markets,” said Nenden Rospiyani, Co-Founder and Owner of Restu Mande.

BRILIANPRENEUR 2021 will also feature the virtual “MSMEs x Designer Auction” of 10 designer works, whose proceeds will go to Sahabat UMKM Foundation. Talk shows will be live streamed on the website. Visitors can learn from expert stakeholders, with topics ranging from global marketing to legal procedure and administrative inquiry to export products abroad.

BRI will provide MSMEs Awards in Business Matching for Newcomer MSMEs and Top Deals MSMEs with the highest potential dealing; Best Expo for MSMEs readiness to go digital and go online; and Favorite MSMEs based on social media campaigns. Special recognition will be awarded to attract more buyers from the targeted 30 countries abroad, as “The Highest Business Matching Activity” and “The Highest Commitment Deals”.

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